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What Attracts Spiders Into Your Home?

“Another one,” you whisper to yourself as you grab a shoe and slam it down on a spider. This is the third one you’ve found in your house today. Out of frustration you hop on Google and type in Orem spider control searching for a spider exterminator in Orem, hoping to find out why and how those pesky arachnids get into your house, and maybe get them out of your house forever. Spiders are just like every other creature; they have natural instincts that drive them. Just like humans, spiders have three basic needs, shelter, food and reproduction.



The Great Outdoors can be a tough place to survive. There are fluctuating temperatures, predators, and shortages of food. Most spiders seek cool dark places to live during the summer months and warm dark places during the winter months.  Your house is the perfect place with them because of the air conditioning to keep it cool in the summer and the heating system to keep it warm during the winters. These conditions make it a perfect place for a spider to survive the extreme months of the year.

Spider predators include, but aren’t limited to, birds, lizards, amphibians, and sometimes other spiders. In most homes, probably yours also, these animals don’t run free. Your house is the perfect place for a spider to find privacy and safety from predators.



Spiders mainly feed on other pests, such as roaches, earwigs, mosquitos, flies, clothes moths and even other spiders. Do any of these pests sound familiar? If so, they probably are the reason spiders go into your home. The spiders move to a place where their prey is abundant and easy to catch. They need places where they can attach their webs on surfaces their prey walks, and the walls of your home are perfect for that.



This reason seems almost self perpetuating. Spiders will enter your house because there are spiders in your house. The abundant privacy and protection from predators make your home the perfect place for spiders to propagate. Their eggs have safety from predators ensuring the species will continue and another generation of spider will grow up.


How do they get in?

Now you know what the spiders are after, how do they get in? Spiders will make their way into your house by any means. They will go through open doors and windows, cracks in the house, the space around your plumbing, and hide in the boxes and fruits you bring into your home. Every opening your house has to the outside world is a potential entrance for a spider.

Now you know why spiders infest your home. They are looking for shelter, food and a mate. Armed with this knowledge, you can start fighting against this infestation. You can research spider exterminators in Orem to get a list of companies like My Guy Pest and Lawn Solutions that can help you get your house spider free.