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How to Properly Fertilize Your Lawn

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, there are many factors involved. In addition to requiring regular mowing and watering, fertilizing your yard is necessary to keep your yard in tip top shape. Thankfully, fertilizing a lawn is fairly simple, with a typical subdivision lawn only taking about 20 minutes to fertilize. 


Why Fertilize?

Just as humans can’t survive on water alone, grass cannot survive with just water and sunlight. By fertilizing your lawn seasonally, you will be able to give your grass the food that it needs to be healthy and green. Outside of just having greener grass, here are some great reasons why it is important to fertilize:


Fresh Air

Want to breathe cleaner air? A 50’ by 50’ foot area of grass produces enough oxygen to meet the everyday needs of a family of four. That’s a huge amount of fresh air! By having a healthier yard, you can contribute clean air to our atmosphere and you can breathe healthier air around your home.


Barefoot Friendly

Have you ever walked through someone’s yard barefoot and flinched because the grass was hard, dead or just not pleasant to walk through? Having a healthier lawn also means having softer, fuller grass. Regular fertilizing provides the nutrients that your lawn needs to be able to look amazing and to withstand the stresses of family activities.


Improved Soil

Over time, both from rain and from irrigation, water carries nutrients away from your lawn. Unless you replace those nutrients through DIY fertilization or through a lawn fertilizer service in Utah, your yard will slowly get worse over time. Staying on top of your fertilization schedule ensures that your lawn doesn’t become unhealthy and damaged.


When to Fertilize

When you fertilize your lawn depends on the amount of time and money you want to spend on your lawn. We recommend a fertilization application in spring or early summer and another application in the fall. A day or two before each fertilization, water your lawn deeper and longer than you normally do. This will get the soil ready to soak up all of the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that you’re about to feed the lawn.


How to Apply Fertilizer

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is that they spread way too much fertilizer on their lawn. When it comes to spreading fertilizer, too little is better than too much, as using too much can burn and kill your grass. We recommend using about half of the recommended amount that the bag says to use. Start spreading on the perimeter of the yard first, then work inward towards the middle. If you get granules on the driveway or sidewalk, make sure to sweep those up, as those can affect the edges of your grass if not taken care of.

Fertilizing a yard can seem like a daunting task. If done right, your yard can become a beautiful, lush green pasture but if done wrong, you risk burning your grass and permanently damaging your lawn. If you’re looking for an expert lawn fertilizer service to handle your lawn, give My Guy Pest and Lawn Solutions a shot.